When serving as an escort, there are a few basic rules to follow

Escorts make loads of money since there is such a vast clientele in the major cities. Millions of businesspeople visit for numerous trips and holidays, and they expect someone to maintain them companion and provide entertainment. Performing as a call girls service is relatively risk-free since it is, of most sections, lawful and regarded as a proper profession. There are some fundamental guidelines to follow if you are choosing a profession, whether it is longer or shorter term, part-time or full-time.

Following tips will guarantee that you continue to make the income you desire while being secure.

Customers should be screened

  • When meeting new customers, the most fundamental guideline is to properly assess them and learn as much as feasible on them. Usually, inquire about their address and telephone number. When you visit them, inquire about their helpline number.
  • Resist meeting with them if they do not own a landline phone number. The landline phone number is assigned to a house, confirming that the customer is located where he claims to be.
  • For escorts Sydney meetings, always collect the client's mobile number so that you can call them if something changes. You also want to be certain he does have a cellphone with him thus he can call you if he got misplaced. Figure out exactly whatever your customer is looking for, as well as any obsessions he may have.
  • If things start to seem strange and you do not even seem at ease, don't accept the appointment.


Make your transportation arrangements. Arrive on your own and make travel plans to and from the customer's location ahead of time. Accepting your customer's pick-up and drop-off is not a good idea. Instruct the customer to indicate the exact place in which they will meet. Tell them that they are not required to lift you from any place.

If you're staying in a resort, try to meet inside the bedroom so that you can have the cash portion out of the deal as rapidly as feasible. It's one of his stays with you as well previously paid for that if he chooses to go to the pub with friends.

If you must go with the customer to another location, demand on using a cab rather than riding in the customer's automobile.

Arrival time

Come 15 minutes before just at the meeting location. Examine your sights. Leave right away if the setting is excessively loud with music blasting. This one is particularly true if you're visiting a customer's private home. Ascertain that your customer is the only one in the bedroom and that nobody else is present.

You committed to only serving as a call girl with one man at a time. As quickly as you come, demand that the cash be paid right away. Don't delay until the last minute, whenever the customer may confess that he doesn't have the funds to compensate you.

Payment is generally given in cash & immediately. Consider leaving or pushing the customer out if they don't even have the appropriate quantity of cash with them.